We are manufacturing Sodium Aluminates having consistent quality with our experience work men under observation of strict Q.C. personal. Our spare capacity of manufacturing this product is 300 MT per month.

It appears in white powder form containing granules 0.1 to 4 mm in size.
Available in two grades
Sodium Aluminate - Wet (as is basis)
Sodium Aluminate -dry

Application :
• In the manufacturing process of Alumina hydrate
• It is use in soap industries
• It is used as a water treatment chemical for removing phosphates & fluorides from municipal & industrial waters.
• In paper industry Sodium Aluminates increases the opacity retention of fibers & filling material & paper strength. Also it stabilize the PH value of the water circulations & increases the dispersion stability of filler. It is also use in Sulphite recovery operation in paper making.
• It is use As a pigment in paint. Adding Sodium Aluminate to titanium dioxide pigment helps prevent helps prevent chalking in outdoor paints.
• In the Process of acrylic & Polyester synthetic fibres Sodium Aluminate improves drying, anti piling & anti static properties.