General Information -

HAC-8R is an alumina rich calcium aluminate cement ( CAC ) with 80% Al203 and very low impurities content. This cement has been indigenously manufactured as an equivalent to imported calcium refractory cements, namely SECAR - 80 and CA-25 grades.

HAC-8R cement imparts the following properties to high performance castable refractories :
Excellent mechanical performance in all temperature range High refractoriness and lot properties Improved volume stability.

Very low silica and iron oxide contents in HAC - 8R cement makes it particularly suitable for certain refractory applications under hydrogen or carbon monoxide atmosphere.

As a result of controlled processing and the calcium aluminate mineralogy, HAC-8R cement is designed to have most consistent setting, rheology and strength characteristics. Due to these unique rheology and consistency, HPC - 8R can be used to manufacture refractory castables or monolithics in LCC, ULCC and conventional systems combining with wide range or refractory aggregates and other special raw materials.